The Sopranos Slot Machine Game

Play more fun casino games at Casino Las Vegas The Sopranos slot machine game is a video slot machine game that allows you to join Tony Soprano and the other characters of the hit show 'The Sopranos', but the game also allows you to win some big money. In matter of fact, there is a jackpot of more than £600,000 that you can win when you play this slot game.

Playing the game is very easy, and basically played like other slot machine games. All you need to do is select a line amount, which range from 1 to 25. You will then need to select your line bet, which ranges from 1P to £50. Pushing the Bet Max button will automatically select the max bet, which means that you will be playing for the chance to win the most possible money. Figuring out payout information as well as symbols information is easy to do. There is an info button that you can push, and then symbols and payout information will be shown.

What makes this slot machine game so exciting is that it features 3 bonus rounds that allow you to earn even more money. The bonus rounds are very fun and exciting to play.

If you are a Sopranos fan, then you will love that the game features real footage from the show. Not only does the game features real footage from the show, but it includes all of your favorite characters from the hit show. Too top it all off there is a family bonus that allows you to play up to 25 free games. This is very fun because it allows you to move up the ranks, which means that you receive even more from free spins.

If you can reach the Stolen Goods Bonus, then you will be able to win some cash prizes and you will be able to choose to keep or replace the containers before you decide to open them up. You will have the chance to pick up three different containers, which may contain some prizes.

There is also the Bada Bing symbol that you can land on. If you land on this symbol on reels two, three and four, then you will get this bonus. If you get this bonus, then you will need to choose a family member to meet Tony. You will then watch a cool video of the meeting and you will see how much cash they can bring back.

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