The best slots types

If you are a tyro at the casino, and want to try yourself playing slots, it doesn't really matter what slots type you are practicing at. But if you're experienced a little bit, and entertainment stands on the second place, because you want to get more profits, the awareness of the differentiation of slots types is really important for you.

Choose the best from the best!

At the ancient times there was no problem of choosing - there was the first and the only Liberty Bell machine that everybody adored, and received funny kind of payouts (food and drinks). Speaking not about slots history but about its contemporary kinds and peculiarities, one will sink in the ocean of slots choice. So, let's sort out all types and subtypes for your better understanding of each pro and con:

  • Straight slots:

    This kind of slots types is known for their permanent sum of the jackpot that isn't influenced by some other factors. They are popular because of the following subtypes of straight slots which include: wildcard, multiplier, bonus multiplier, multiple pay lines and buy a pay functions. All these peculiarities convert the games into the great and profitable amusement.

  • Progressive slots:

    In the progressive slots games the jackpot isn't constant; it varies depending on the quantity of the bets made by one player or by several of them. Its kinds are: stand alone machine, in house and wide area progressive slots, where the percentages of payouts are rising even from the bets made within different casinos.

  • Reel type slots:

    This kind of slots types is very similar to the first slots machines, especially the 3-reel slots, which you'll play and imagine that you're in some other epoch. There are also 5-reel slots machines and 7-reel slots that are a little bit difficult to play, but if you manage to be a winner you'll hit great payouts!

  • Video slots:

    They are the most innovative kind of slot, which has become very popular because of graphics, qualitative sound and hilarious symbols! The touch screen makes all the games more enjoyable and futuristic a little bit, so it's a quite great type which can involve the peculiarities of all others.

  • Online slots:

    They are latest novelty with advantages of comfort, great odds to receive payouts and also software that produces competitive sound and graphics. You'll make your own room or house as the casino and will receive money not going outside, while enjoying online slot gambling!

So, it's up to you to decide which one of the slots types you'll play to receive tremendous emotions as well as profits. You can even try all of them to decide which one is the best for you!

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