Evident frequency of slot machines payouts

Maybe it is not worth reminding, but Random Number Generator is present in every machine and does its work very systematically and in detail. It constantly generates numbers and it alone has the power to manipulate our outcomes. And it is this generator that determines the slot machines payouts.

Schedule of the slots payouts

Winnings always vary in every machine. So, the first thing that each player has to know is the payouts of the machine which he\she is playing. Those who don't worry about the slots payouts schedule will waste lots of money without any odds to become a winner.

So, if you want to examine such schedule, you have to look at lower combination of winning symbols. Opt for that machine that produces the highest winnings of symbol combos, slot machines payouts this factor will keep you playing longer without paying more. If it has the maximum payouts - it's not the main reason to run to that machine and start playing there.

As soon as you appear at the casino, try to observe all the payouts' schedules and choose one that is the most appropriate for your gambling objectives. Imagine that you can't decide between two slot machines. At the first one there is a payout of 10 coins for a wager of 3 coins on the lowest combination; another one has the 15 coins payout and the same denomination of 3 coins wager. The odds are the same between these two machines, so it's clear that the smart player will choose to pay less and have the same slot machine odds.

Hit frequency

Yeah, of course RNG decides everything, but still gamblers have the possibility to somehow influence the outcomes. Different payback percentages and hit frequencies are the main points that the players have to consider. Machines that tend to give more payouts are called "loose" ones, and even according to different myths it is said that they don't exist, still it's worth looking for such payout monster.

The gambler has to understand that high percentage of slot machines payouts isn't the indicator that the gambler will have the greatest odds to become a substantial winner. Yeah, he'll hit some of the payouts at such machine but they'll be miserably small. To beat a sizable payoff is the main goal of experienced gamblers and they always look forward to find the machine with low hit frequency and high payback percentage.

You have to remember that all slot machines payouts have been already decided by the computer, you can't have the strong impact on the machines or their payouts. Keep in mind that central computer which determines frequency always makes things be random and maintains casino profitable.

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