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Every professional gambler has dreamt about the day when he would be standing in front of the slots machine and listen to the "sound of rain", so called "spilled" coins of just hit jackpot. Everybody will be asking that player: "How have you managed to do this, what is the secret of your winning?" and he or she will say with the greatest honor "It's my own strategy; I've won due to it". The pictures of the "one who did it" can be different but gamblers are obsessed with these factors of slot strategies most of all because they already know that "luck" won't come without taking pains.

How can advanced kinds of slots strategies help?

Standard Deviation tactic

Oh, they really can. But the first trait that all the players must have is patience and strong desire. The first type of the advanced strategies is Standard Deviation tactic. It's distinguished by the following traits:

  • First of all the player has to choose the machine with Equal Ratio - the machine with the same percentage of payouts each time.
  • The gambler then has to make the calculation of the spins amount between his\her wins.
  • The last thing that each player has to do is to take the average sum for all numbers of spins between the wins, and therefore he\she'll acquire standard deviation.
  • This tactic is effective but the gamblers which accomplish it have to be really stress-resistant: have to wait for a long time till some outcome appears.

One-Play tactic

Another tactic of advanced slot strategies that is famous among the gamblers is a One-Play strategy. Here you don't have to apply your mathematical abilities, but patience is still needed very much. The player has to play maximally at one machine to gain some results:

  • To begin with, the gambler has to find the machine with Equal Ratio again. It'll help him\her to have the proportional bets.
  • Then the player has to make maximum bets, if the machine gives the payouts between the 1st and the 3rd times of bets, the gambler has to continue the game there.
  • When the machine doesn't supply the payouts in such a way, but gives the payout at the 4th time for example, thus the gambler has to play only one more time there.

This kind of slot strategies is considered to be effective, but still don't be hooked by different slots myths that utter slander about it.

How to win at slots?

Provide yourself with clearness of purpose, tolerance and just the strongest confidence that you're going to "do this"! This will help everyone for sure as well as several of the slots tips that also direct the gamblers into the right way towards winnings:

  • Know the machine that you're playing: its pay lines, pay table and etc.
  • Wager maximally! Don't be greedy!
  • Calculate the slots payouts each hour.
  • Visit online casinos and enjoy lots of bonuses there!

So, as you see the affairs at each casino are the same as in the real life - depend only on yourself and just enjoy playing! Not everything in our lives is worth such tricky and risky efforts, especially money.

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