Slots odds myths and facts are revealed!

It's your dream for sure: you are entering the casino, choose the slots machine, insert the coin and… voila, money is purring into your hands! But, it's a dream, the same as for example a dream about the villa in the Canaries or to have your own helicopter. Nothing will come without efforts, you have to earn money for such desires, and that concerns casinos -you not only have to come to the casino and think that you've taken the best step forward- you also have to read a lot, get your hand in slots and not be hooked by lots of the fables of envy gamblers.

Mistaken odds beliefs

  • Betting systems swell the odds

Oh, you'll find thousands if not millions of the internet sites that will convince you that theirs tactics and betting systems are the best and you'll have the highest odds to become a winner. Don't consider these childish schemes to be the winning plan that slots guide offers. All facts about mathematical probabilities that they present are fake and these so-called betting systems will never improve your odds. The only thing that they express is the inspiration to the desperate gamblers. Are you like this?

  • Some gamblers are luckier than others

Do you believe this? That's clear that everything depends on us, we build our life and especially future, but one fact is obvious -all people are equal and have the same level of luck and other factors that are important at the casinos. And moreover luck doesn't play any role at the slots machines. If you're experienced gambler you are sure to know that Random Number Generator decides everything, you just have to push the button at the appropriate moment. A pure chance is not luck!

  • People have the possibility to predict the location of thrown coin

You have to remember that each flip of the coin is the event that is completely independent. People can't know whether it "heads or tails" in the inner part of the machine. And moreover it doesn't depend on the previous spinning.

  • Players will win for sure after having lost

This is lie. What is the purpose of the casinos? Is it to give away their money to people? Of course, no! Maybe the minority of the gamblers who play different types of the gambling games win each day. Losing streak will not be ever changed by the winning one! Such a situation can be created by only random event, not by the regularity.

  • More experience - more odds

It usually happens that the tyros can overcome the most experienced experts with the visible skills and gambling abilities. Again - a mere chance! But they really don't have any links with odds influences. House edge will be present every time whether you're skilled hand or not. But still experience always has a power that can bring you lots of benefits!

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