Which one is better? Straight and Progressive Slots

When a player is more or less aware of the peculiarities of slots games, he\she will know for sure about the question of its types. Each of the types of slot games doesn't differ very much, but still there are some special traits of each of them that make the slots games interesting.

Speaking about the straight and progressive slots types, the most evident is that they include lots of the profitable peculiarities that will help each gambler to become a winner. So, make your own choice with the help of slots guide!

Straight slots type

They are distinguished by the permanent amount of jackpot that doesn't change at all during the particular game in contrast to progressive slots. It's a simple type without some special and "tricky" characteristics. The gambler has managed to encounter three symbols at once - that's it, he\she will receive a prize! As always this kind of slot games has even its subtypes that are the following:

  • Wildcard - you are about to win for sure if you meet such a symbol that can substitute all the other "non-winning" symbols.
  • Multiplier - such symbol doubles the payouts. Just pay attention that this symbol can multiply the winnings in 5 times!
  • Bonus multiplier - it also doubles the winning, but in addition you can pull more coins and expect the jackpot! Or at least really substantial sum of money.
  • Multiple pay lines - here a player can swell a possibility to become a winner playing not one line of the symbols but even 20! Bet each of them and enjoy slots payouts!
  • Buy A Pay - this is the straight subtype where you'll have not one pay table, but several of them. Betting on each gives you more opportunities to encounter the greatest winning combinations and payouts!

Progressive slots type

In progressive slots type the jackpot is not constant - it's increasing with each bet made, and not even with your own, but with all the bets made throughout the casino by different players who participate in this kind of slots machines. So look:

  • Stand Alone - this is the kind of machine that isn't linked to the others: it counts only the bets made on this machine the amount of which is shown on a special measurer.
  • In-House - such machines are related with each other within one casino or property. The amount of bets is being swelled quickly and progressively.
  • Wide area - this is the "gold mine" of the progressive type of slots, because here the machines of several casinos are brought in action: the percentage of final amount of bets is swelled to the highest range and that player who manages to hit the jackpot will become a millionaire.

So, you see these varieties of slots types and their subtypes. Choose that one that seems to you the most convenient and profitable, because as you know the high payouts always mean that they are almost impossible to get.

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