Online slots RNG: where is it hidden?

We're already aware of the fact that there is no luck if you play slots: don't rely on the numerous prays that you are whispering in front of the machines or just your own lucky destiny that is about to help you in everything especially in the casino affairs. Random Number Generator is the heart of every machine and it accomplishes our winnings and losses, it gladdens or disappoints us. We just push the button, our work is to wait.

Tricky RNG

Slots machines of the land casinos just must have this "heart", they can't function without it. But what about online casinos, more exactly slots online? Where is it hidden there? It's clear that it's not in our computer. Let's figure out about its location and view.

RNG at slots online is a tiny microprocessor that calculates the winnings. It accomplishes hundreds generations of the numbers per millisecond even if the game is not being played. The combinations of symbols are being calculated in such a way and the online slots tend to set the payouts' basis for enduring percentages.

Mechanism of online RNG

So, imagine that the reels that we see at the land casinos as well as at the online accommodation are just a simple decoration: its symbols, pictures are a fake mask of figures that are generated by RNG. This online computer program that is used in the slots online is made by different software providers. So, there is no lever, no heavy mechanism, just simple formula of slots RNG that decides our outcomes.

Every combination of symbols that we see at the computer is just a set sequence. Random Number Generator selects the numbers in a random way and thus, we receive our final symbol combination. And this exact mold of the hilarious symbols makes us see the results of the spinning.

Remember also the other thing while you're playing slots online - the percentage of the payouts of your game has been set long before by the house, and there will always be the house edge of that casino which you've chosen.

If you're one of the players that play for excitement and fun, the above information won't be useful or interesting for you. The general knowledge of the RNG brings some profits of your own "edge" not every time. Only when a gambler takes some efforts to make the calculation of the odds, maybe there would be some evident outcome, but it's easier and more pleasant just to relax and take pleasure!

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