Effective one-play strategy

There are lots of players who would like to win - but moreover lots of them don't want to make efforts to reach the great and pleasurable status of a winner. Such players start even thinking about some slots winning strategy, where they don't have to wait for the result for a long time or make some mathematical tasks.

Simple tactic

One-play slots strategy is exactly for such lazy bones that would like to have everything and immediately. But it's effective indeed! One-play tactic is much simpler than standard deviation of advanced strategies. You have to remember that the method of one-play also works only with the machines that produce the biggest jackpots and your task is to "feed" the machine with the maximum bets.

A player has to gamble maximally at one machine: it's the main idea of this tactic. And having won once, he\she continues playing there but having lost - a player changes the slots machine.

The main steps:

  • At first find the machine with the same function that is needed in the standard deviation - "equal pay". In such a way all your winnings will be proportional to your bets.
  • Now, start making the maximum bets playing at one machine that you've found.
  • If you get payout 1 to 3 times your original bet size - like if you bet a dollar and win 1, 2 or 3 dollars - play one more game. If the payout is four times your original bet, play three more games

The players that stick to this kind of strategies usually spend lots of their time at the casino, observe the machines with some specifics and know all the peculiarities of them. If you don't have such a possibility to wait and make notes of all this, try to look for the machines where these strategies seem to work to your point of view.

Also don't listen to the players that will try to convince you that this one-play strategy doesn't work out and they play at one machine and try to win there all the day long. It's useless. So, the best outcome of these contradictive thoughts is to try to use this tactic by yourself and find out whether it's worthwhile or not.

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