Land-based casino payouts

You know that there are machines where you have to pull different denominations of coins. Which one to choose? Does it mean that playing $15 machines you'll have better probabilities to be a winner? There are lots of questions that the gambler will put about the casino payouts, but everybody has to remember one factor - house edge will be still present, and compared to the online casino, at the land casino there are less payouts than in the virtual space. But it's worth trying anyway!

Average slots casino payouts

So, you're at the casino, and except the differentiation of slots types and symbols that are really of great variety, you have run into the fact that you really don't know which type of the denomination to choose: 01, 05, 25, 1 or even more. Which of them will return the best rates? Of course the machine with the highest denomination! Extensive monetary turnover is essential factor at each casino. All the casino workers know that it's better to play $0.25 machine, because the payout turnover at the 50 cent machine is rare, and if it happens the payouts aren't even worth your efforts.

Of course you won't be able to play one machine for a long period, you'll need lots of money. But how can one arrange everything in such a way so that to play less and to earn more? Oh, everybody would like to get such knowledge. There are lots of different tips and advices that one can follow and the task to beat slots will not be so difficult. But such gambler really has to be smart and crafty.

Keep in mind such statistic:

92.5% - 50 cent

94.1% - $0.25

95.9% - $1

98.4% - $5

More often you'll find the machines with 98% of slots machines payouts. But where to find that one with 100% return rate? Oh, it's difficult. Your task will be to adapt yourself to the lower casino payouts percentage and get higher odds to hit it!

So, let's count a little bit. You're playing the maximum bet of 3 coins during 10 minutes of your play. Matching the payout frequency, you'd need such sums if you play for an hour:

  • At 50 cent machine you'll spend 6.75 credits
  • At $0.25 machine you'll waste 26.75 credits
  • You'll have to give 145 credits if you play the 5 credit machine.

Consider that these figures are based on the average payout of slots machine. Actual return that you'll possess can vary greatly, so your task is just to find that machine that won't grab you but otherwise will give you the opportunity to pay off all your wastes.

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