Make the profitable calculation of odds!

More often people who come to the casino to use the chance of entertainment, don't count money which they spend there. Because they just don't want to have a headache and extra remorse. But those who come to the casinos as to work really need to make a special "gambling economics" and follow all the rules and regulations not to become a bankrupt and be the expert at calculation of odds!

Calculation of slots cash flow

So, money and also time management are quite important for those who want to gain more and give less. You have to know that the symbol combinations that appear on the slots screen are regulated by the Random Number Generator. Over the course of one hour one can spend lots of money, that's why it's important how much the gambler expects to spend while playing.

For example you're playing at the machine with 50 cent minimum denomination and bet maximally 3 coins. You're going to spin the reels 600 times per hour. So, you're expected to spend approximately $90: the formula is 600*15 (maximum bets). If the percentage of the payouts is 90%, you're going to lose $9 per hour. Is it clear? Try to calculate and you'll see your money cash flow.

Slot Odds computation

Lots of players think that odds slots depend on the amount of coins pulled into the machine, from the amount of times that gamblers play the machine and even from the amount of symbols during the particular game. So, let's make the calculation of odds:

  • You have to observe as many signs on the machine you're playing as possible. First of all look at the percentage of payouts that is regulated by RNG of this machine.
  • Try to know also what these percentages mean, that's important. If it's written 95%, it doesn't mean that this is the percentage of your odds to win. For example, the machine can be programmed to pay totally $950, 000 during every $1 million of pulled cash.
  • You have to remember that you're going to spend lots of money if you want to receive lots of payouts. More money - higher odds. But don't be misled by the fact that if you're playing the $5 machine, and not $0, 50 you have more chances.
  • You have to be aware also of the jackpot that is hidden in every machine. If they are of the progressive slots, its amount will be increasing. For the jackpot you have to get the highest winnings that are possible, to encounter the wilds, scatters that will facilitate your way to the money success. The ordinary payouts may be different, but to receive the highest one is hard and requires patience. Calculation of odds isn't as difficult as it seems.

Also you have to know the exact type of the machine that you're playing, its class, average payouts and everything. Possession of such information means that you're going to compete with the less strong rival. Good luck!

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