Equations of advanced strategies

Not everybody needs or wants to know some slots strategies to increase chances to be a winner - some of the players just gamble and enjoy the same idea of process, and it's right. But if you have already become a skilled hand and really starve for being an actual slots leader and winner, the advanced strategies will help you to find out some of the secrets.

Standard Deviation Strategy

This strategy is considered to be the most used one among the advanced strategies that will help for sure those who long to know how to win at slots. Just switch on your analytical abilities and everything will be ok. This tactic understands the mathematical equations that will help to determine what winning will come out after particular spin. You have to do the following steps to make this strategy work out for you:

  1. Chose the machine that tends to use "Equal-Ratio" game. This function at the machines means the similar percentage of slots payouts. So it'll give you relative payouts to the sum of money that you've bet: you make bet with one coin, it gives you 10 coins payout. But at first you have to find such kind of slots machines that will give you a permanent percentage and ensure you the advanced strategies.
  2. Calculate the amount of spins between your winnings. It'll take time to do this, but it's worth it for sure. Make the minimum amount of bets to minimize the amount of your losses. A player has to have a pen to write down the number of spins before he\she gets a win approximately 10 times. For example, if you make spins 8 times and exactly the 9th will be a winning time, you have to record 9.
  3. If you have recorded 10 winnings, now you have to take the average number of all the amounts and thus you'll have the "standard deviation". If you have written that you're winning between the 10th and 20th spins the number of standard deviation will be 15. So, as a result now you're aware that you have to do approximately 14 spins to manage to win at the 15th. In such a way you'll maximize your chances, but get to know that not every time it can work out, so be also prepared for it.

As you see, there is no exact formula of standard deviation tactic. It'll be very simple if you have it, you must approach to it with your own forces and attempts. Remember one thing - you won't be a winner immediately as soon as you start writing some numbers on the cuffs. Everything needs time, so be patient and you'll be winning for sure with the help of advanced strategies!

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